Steamworks Gay Bath House Sauna Chicago
STEAMWORKS Chicago is a private men’s gym, sauna, bathhouse for men 18 years and older… you know, men looking for other men!
is open 24/7/365
18 and over
Valid required
Vaccination proof
for entry

Bag Policy, Rules and Features


Steamworks Chicago 5 Item Bag Policy is for the safety and well being of both our customers and staff. This policy will streamline our check-in process by limiting the number of items and size of bags coming in. All bags are subject to search.

No backpacks, luggage or suitcases, or any sort of large or oversized bags are allowed into the club.

Steamworks Chicago allows all customers to bring one small drawstring backpack with up to five items total from the approved list below, please read this carefully:

A simple change of clothes, sandals/flip flops

Mouthwash and/or personal grooming items must be sealed and unopened to be allowed in. Razors & toiletry bags are not permitted.

Personal use toys such as dildos, plugs, etc.

Personal lubricants such a pre-mixed J-Lube. You will be asked to demonstrate that the liquid is personal lubricant.

One bottle of room odorizer/video head cleaner. You will be asked to open the bottle.

Contacts in contact solution. No additional saline solution bottles.

Smartphone charger, e-cigarette vaporizer

Occasionally, at the manager’s discretion, guests may bring prescription medication under the following condition:

Medication that requires injection must have the identifying prescription along with the medication you would use. Multiple syringes of any kind are not permitted.

3246 N Halsted S,60657,Chicago,Illinois,United States