Gay Calgary Magazine
GayCalgary® Magazine has its origins in Men for Men BBS, the former dial-up bulletin board system for gay men to chat and share pictures. This service included information about gay and gay friendly businesses, events, and so on. Men for Men started in 1992, and was the seed for our business today.

Our work photographing and videotaping events for the former Rainbow Lambda Society and the current ISCCA inspired us to rebrand ourselves to the name “GayCalgary”, as part of our growing service to them and other community groups and businesses. In the past, our website and branding has shown but our official business name has been GayCalgary since the year 2000.

Today we own the trademark of the name GayCalgary, and do our best to embody its meaning. GayCalgary® is the name of our business, and subdivisions of our business contain variations: the magazine is GayCalgary® Magazine, and the website is GayCalgary Online.

802 - 9600 Southland Circle SW,T2V 5A1,Calgary,Alberta,Canada