The Eagle’s history began like so many others, in 1985 the writing was on the walls for the Texas Drilling Company. The neighborhood had changed from gay biker bars to frat boy hang outs. The place was closed and a new location was found. 1987 the doors opened at 306 Ponce de Leon, Renegade’s Bar and Grille. Too bad it did not work out. So with black paint cans in hand, it closed. Then it was reopened as the Atlanta Eagle. Good times! But they were not to last. After the first owner lost his battle to a foe that has taken too many, his family took over. They did their best, but The Eagle was nearing an end. Enter Richard and Robby. They purchased the bar and returned it to its old glory.

The Eagle opened the doors over 28 years ago and as the city around it, the changes are too many to list. Those who have never walked in the doors have no idea what it is really like. Unknown is the hot dance floor, the men, the urgency of the moment, the men, being able to talk to someone and did I mention the men? Most of us have been burned out by the stand & model bars, always good to know of places like the Eagle where the men aren’t trying to impress everyone. They know who they are, so say “Hello” – you won’t know where you will end up unless you try.

Since it’s opening, the Atlanta Eagle has been Atlanta’s premiere Leather/Levi bar. Known for the cutting edge music, Djs and dance floor, if you’re looking for a place that has it all, including a voluntary “NO Indoor Smoking” policy, the Atlanta Eagle has your party night mapped!

Whether you’re looking for hot Leather men, guys in rubber or gear, hot Bears and cubs, or just the best Atlanta has to offer in masculinity period, you’ll find it within these walls!

After you’ve worked up a sweat on our dance floor, we have 3 bars to serve you, a fully stocked leather shop, and an expansive deck so that you can socialize and mingle while you cool off, enjoy a cigar and get ready for the next round!

306 Ponce De Leon Ave NE,30308,Atlanta,Georgia,United States